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Michael Willberg, Martin Wrobel, Frank Mischkowski

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The story behind our Guinness world record attempt:

It has been Summer 2015, when Michael Willberg, World Record driver by crossing 10 countries in Europe in only 48 hours by traveling 4.011 km with a TESLA Model P85 with Supercharging only, decided to demonstrate the capability of crossing Europe with an all-electric car. He planned to set up a Guinness world record attempt by trying to stay below 22 hours of charging time to cross Europe with a team of three drivers in a TESLA Model S 85D.

The record was set up with a charging time of 19 hours and 58 minutes to cross Europe by Michael Willberg, Frank Mischkowski and Martin Wrobel between August 07th and 11th 2015 and has not been beaten until today.

In 2015, the tour has been a bit of an adventure, especially due to the charging infrastructure in southern Spain. We always named the area of TESLA Supercharger the „promised land“. The car worked perfectly and we had a great response in public.

Now – in July 2017 – the TESLA Supercharger network covers all of Western Europe. So we decided to RECHARGE our attempt: Driving from Nordkapp to Tarifa with TESLA Supercharger network only! We start on July 28th at 6.00 PM at Nordkapp/Norway.

The tour covers a distance of around 6.200 km and should be driven in 84 hours only. This means that we drive at regular speed, other people would drive in an ICE-car as well, but with optimized charging strategy and the latest development, TESLA offers.

The TESLA Model S 100D. With a range of more than 600 km, it is by far worlds best electric production car in range! Supported by TESLA, we want to reduce the overall charging time to less than 10 hours. This means a reduction of more than 50 % in comparison to 2015 and is rewarded by a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD. We want to demonstrate the rapid development in cars and charging network by recharging the tour, this time from north to south. And we intend to maximize the usage of the TESLA-Autopilot system during the trip.

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